Dining Area Lighting

Our house is littered with tiny shabby chic chandeliers with a million crystals courtesy of the old owners.  We think at one point there were some nice fixtures up but once they listed the house they switched them out so they didn’t have to negotiate taking them when the house sold… or maybe lighting wasnt a priority…

For a while we lived with the crystals than one day my husband finally had enough and shook the chandeliers until the crystals fell out, well not really but he wasnt exactly graceful about it.  So for a while now we have had tiny chandeliers with open holes where the crystals used to be.  Not sure which was worse.

First shabby chic chandelier to go is the one in the dining / kitchen eating area room.  Since we are going to move forward with more modern dining chairs and keep the farmhouse table I want to find a fixture that reflects this coupling, so something modern with traditional undertones.

Below are a few images of fixtures I have found that might help achieve that vision.

First fixture type is the drum pendant:




I love the look of that first dining area with the farmhouse table, chalk board walls and drum pendants.  It’s a nice space yet causal and inviting, perfect for a kid friendly eating area off the kitchen.

Next fixture type is a more modern updated chandelier:



I think the large Bryant chandelier from circa lighting is always a good choice for a more casual eating area, I love its simple clean lines.


I feel the same about Arteriors Auburn chandelier, just wondering without the small shades if the light will be soft enough.

As less safe option would be a glass murano chandelier.



I think murano chandeliers are beautiful just not sure its the right look for our dining room.

Then there is always the good old lantern…  I just love Oomph’s palo alto lantern in navy.


Are you drawn to any one of these fixtures more than another?  Thankfully I don’t have to make any decisions now, one of the items I can put on the back-burner until our kitchen is complete.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


One Comment on “Dining Area Lighting”

  1. Kristin says:

    Im obsessed with murano! But, I def like the Bryant chandelier for your place 🙂

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