Kitchen Cabinet Paint and Cape Cod!

So sorry for my absenteeism!  After arriving back to Dallas from Jackson Hole I was a little overwhelmed with cramming in 10 days of kitchen renovation makeup work before leaving to visit my sisters on Cape Cod.

Kitchen update:

With the cabinets and trim now in place painting has officially started.  Biggest issue was the TYPE of paint to use, I always try to implement green and/or eco-friendly décor options when available but paint is tricky.  Low/No-VOC paints are awful options for wood work like trim and cabinets as it can chip and peel after a few years and tends to have a watery runny appearance.  When I suggested it, my contractor was all…

So I reluctantly settled with the traditional version of Ben Moore’s Dove White, but wait!!  I met a painter while looking at paint samples who suggested I try Ben Moore’s Advance paint, which is low VOC but different from your traditional mix because its waterborne NOT water based.  I bought a pint and had the painter whip up a sample and it looked great – even our contractor approved!  Fingers crossed it looks ok – will be home in about 2 weeks to check it out myself, will keep you posted.

Cape Cod:

I was quite happy to leave behind 100+ weather in Dallas to head to the beach.  We are staying in my sisters guest house right on the water in the Town of Centerville.  Her home has gorgeous views of the ocean and the river – I love sleeping with the windows open and falling asleep to sound of the waves.  Her house is a traditional Cape shingle style home with enormous hydrangea bushes in a beautiful Merlot color right out front, neither of which you would see in Dallas.  Here are some gorgeous images of Cape homes that I find to be tranquil and traditional, capturing the essence of the architecture down here:

cape cod 1

cape cod 3

cape cod 2

One of the areas most sought after architects, Patrick Ahearn, is responsible for the two gorgeous homes below on the Cape and Islands – his work is exquisite!

 patrick ahearn 3

patrick ahearn 4

A lovely barn by Patrick Ahearn as well….

cape cod 4

Do any of you tune in to PlumTV??  We have close family friends who are part of the production team and I happened to find this clip about Patrick Ahearn on a Plum Homes segment: – if you are interested in his style its worth a look!

Hope everyone is having a great week!



Heading out to Jackson Hole!

We leave tomorrow for Jackson Hole for a couple of weeks.  Although known as a winter ski haven visiting in the summer months are my favorite and its a great escape from the Dallas heat!  I’m looking forward to long bike rides, hiking, yoga, the farmers market in town and just being outdoors and enjoying all the fresh air – along with fun family parties and dinners out:)


The mountains have a calming effect and the architecture often reflects this through the prevalent organic designs and landscapes in the homes here.  We are staying in a beautiful Jonathan Foote designed home minutes away from the Snake River and on its own little tributary with stunning views of the Tetons.  Jonathan Foote is well-known for designing homes that “walk softly on the land”, his designs are not only innovative but typically require old world craftmanship and are always environmentally sensitive.  Below are some of the gorgeous homes he has created throughout the years.  You can read more about Jonathan Foote here:






Stay tuned for more JH posts!

Cochrane Design: Grey, Black & White

I have always been a sucker for greys, neutrals and any kind of muted or understated design.  Recently, I stumbled upon this gorgeous London home that just took my breath away.  I love everything about this design scheme – its calm and warm, yet dramatic and interesting.    I obviously love the grey, black and white theme, but I also really like the unexpected dark blue study as well!

…Oh and “Jack’s Room” is just too good! LOVE IT!











contactcochrane   substantial-big-13cochrane


Source: Cochrane Design

Balmain Paris

I have always been a huge fan of Balmain, but after seeing these beautiful images of the interior of their Paris store, I am truly obsessed.   I love the  extravagant details and elongated lines in each and every corner of their shop.  The whole concept is minimal and classic, while perfectly luxurious.

Images via

Designer Crush: Greg Natale

Every now and then I come across an architect or designer that really speaks to me.  When I saw the work of the Aussie mega-talent, Greg Natale, I felt just that! I love how he has the unique ability to use a lot of dark colors while keeping his spaces feeling light and airy.  He also effortlessly combines old and new in order to keep his designs fresh and interesting.

style theories blog

style theories blog

I only wish I saw this nursery before I designed my own! I’m obsessed…

Who is your favorite architect or designer? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Los Angeles Home

One of my guilty pleasures is occasionally tuning into TMZ…although it is generally complete trash, last week they actually reported something pretty interesting.  It turns out Gwyneth Paltrow and her adorable husband Chris Martin purchased a spectacular estate in the Mandeville Canyon area of Los Angeles known as The House of Windsor.  I am completely blown away by all of the lovely details in this home concept home, which was designed by Windsor Smith and decorated by designers from Veranda Magazine.  Click here for a 360° tour of each and every inch of this property!

brass dining chairs white lacquered kitchen table breakfast nook

grey kitchen cabinets white and grey marble

style theories blog

blush light pink and grey bedroom chest at the end of the bed style theories blog

pink hermes avalon blanket

white sofa zebra carpet vintage mirrored room divider

silver leaf footed bath tub

style theories blog

My favorite part of this home is the lovely silver leaf footed bathtub.  The whole dressing room/bathroom area is just stunning.  Which room do you like best?

Lovely Little London Loft

I really like this London loft.  There is something very interesting about how the white wash brick walls contrast against stainless steel accents. This home has so much texture and character – I would love to call it my own!

style theories blog

These interior window boxes add just the perfect amount of color.  As does the gilded mirror hung above the sink.

style theories blog

I also love the high gloss white ceiling and those great metal chairs around this long white dining table.

style theories blog

The trunk at the end of this bed is gorgeous and that black bed frame is perfect for this space.

style theories blog

And finally…how cute is this bathroom?

style theories blog


What do you think? Do you like the white wash interior brick walls?