Food Friday: Jackson Whole Grocer

Hope everyone had a great 4th!!

One of my favorite places here in Jackson to grab a quick bite to eat for a quiet breakfast or after a long hike is actually at the Jackson Whole Grocer.  They have a fantastic Smoothie and Tonic/Juice bar as well as healthy freshly made prepared foods.


My favorite green juice is the Clean Machine, made from active greens to revitalize and cleanse: Kale, carrot, cucumber, lemon, with your choice of parsley or wheatgrass, I also add some ginger to mine.  This can easily be made at home with an extra strength blender or a vitamix, once ingredients are blended just strain and drink!


If I’m looking for something a little more substatial I go for the Blue Lips with spinach: Blueberries, spinach, banana, almond milk, blueberry-pomegranate juice.  This along with a bowl of oatmeal is my go to breakfast treat.

When looking for something decadant, especially after a long hike I love the Banff Express: Banana, espresso, almond butter, Kakow chocolate syrup, almond milk.  YUM!


After a day of all these healthy drinks by cocktail hour I’m ready to dig in to my husbands delicious pimento cheese dip!

Would love to hear about some of your favorite smoothie and go to juice recipes!


Camp Snacks

This a little off topic but as a Mom of two young boys who are currently attending summer camp I found First Bites founder Caren Gremonts Huffpost article “Obesity’s Officially a Disease, so why was my child diagnosed as a ‘healthy eater’?” a fascinating post.  It’s a quick read about how camps (and of course our schools are guilty as well) provide snacks like oreos, graham crackers, cheetos, etc and offer these as “nutritious” options for our children to snack on.  I am all for balance in a child’s life but packaged processed desserts disguised as healthy snack options seems misguided to say the least.

If anyone is interested in healthy snack options for kids and lunch box ideas, below is a list of blogs I frequent for suggestions:

100 days of real food:


Kath Eats Real Food:

First Bites:


Happy snacking!

Sick Day

I woke up this morning with a full-on cold. It’s 8:00 and I can barely bring myself to get out bed (I am usually up and at ’em by 6:45.)  Between the sniffling, coughing and overwhelming achi-ness, I think today should be a sick day.

I want to start my day with a long hot bubble bath

I’ll add some of my favorite bubbles, aromatherapy oils and candles

I’ll stay in my bathrobe and slippers all day


My favorite thing to drink while sick is Teavana‘s silver needle tea with a little bit of local honey (I swear it is a miracle healing broth!)

Especially when it’s in a beautiful tea-cup like this


I would love to curl up with a soft and cozy blanket as I return to my bed


And then just rest and relaxation the remainder of the day


My attire for today? Roberta Roller Rabbit: