Foyers and Stair Runners as well as a word on First Bites

Front entry ways/foyers are essential areas of the home from a design perspective.  You want a visitors first impression of your home to be a good one and an area that conveys to guests your sense of style.  It’s an easy area to decorate typically as entry ways are small and less daunting as far as furnishings are concerned.  A serene paint color or a fun wall paper print are great ways to start.

Here are a few entry ways that I find beautiful:


I love how soft the painting is combined with a perfectly styled small console.


Gorgeous lacquered pink chest with blue zebra print statement rug.


Im always a fan of blue and yellow combo, especially if it incorporates chinoiserie somehow!


Lovely color scheme, the chevron rug ties this area together perfectly.


A front entry way discussion would not be complete without mentioning Tory Burch’s manhattan apartment foyer, the Gracie hand painted wall paper is out of this world beautiful.


This is not exactly an entry way but I just wanted a reason to mention how fabulous I think Aerin Lauder is…  I should dedicate a post to her style sometime soon.

front entry inspiration

The last image above was the inspiration for my own foyer.

Below is my foyer as it is today.  It’s still a work in progress as I need a stair runner and a new light fixture.  The chest looks black in this image but its actually lacquered in a navy blue…thoughts on the room?  I’m always open to suggestions!


This brings me to my next point – stair runners.  I love Stark’s Antelope print and would love to have the edges bound in a soft pink to match the entry way lamp.  Unfortunately my husband grew up with this exact print at his own home in the 80’s and thinks its dated and likely associates it with living with his parents….  I keep thinking I want something dark to camouflage the inevitable dirt that someone will traipse up the stairs however I’m quiet drawn to Stark’s Small Stars carpet in Oatmeal.  Its neutral and fun but is it too causal for a front entry way?


stair runner star

The light fixture I go with will have to compliment the runner.  I love the look of a moravian star but obviously the star theme would be a little weird if I went with the Small Stars runner option.  Our ceilings are on the low side so it would have to be subtle, maybe a pretty quatrefoil flush mount from Circa lighting or a simple Oomph lantern.




Oh and just in case any of you were wondering I did NOT make it to the estate sale in time to get that asian console, I arrived at 1 when the 50% off sale began and someone had purchased the console full price that morning.  Oh well, something new will pop up:)


A quick word on First Bites.  As I have mentioned in past posts real, healthy, organic foods are a big part of my life.  I love to cook and make healthy meals for my family so when I stumbled across First Bites and their mission I knew I wanted to be apart of the program in some way (still trying to figure that one out).  First Bites is about “inspiring healthy eating habits one bite at a time…among 2-5 year olds, their families and early child care providers.”  If you think your child’s school could benefit from a program such as this you should check out their partnering opportunities – I know I will be looking into it myself!


Ritz Dining Chair

I really like this Thomas Pheasant ritz dining chair. I love the nail trim and tufting, but I especially love the ornamental (I wonder if its functional as well?) pull ring on the backside of it. The style looks so sleek and modern, but it actually looks really comfortable too.

I’m kind of obsessed with this entire room… the chairs, the chandelier, the degournay walls…






Grasscloth wallpaper is one style that I am thrilled to see return.  The study in my childhood home (…back in the 80s!) had grasscloth walls and I remember thinking it was so on trend and cool at the time.  Sadly, this style phased out for a couple of decades, but I am so glad to see it popping up all over the place again.  Currently, I am loving grasscloth of every colors!







Claw Foot Bathtub

One of the things I miss most about living in an “actual home” is taking a bath in my own bathtub.  I love taking baths but there is something not-so-appealing about bathing in a rental (regardless of how immaculate the bathroom in your rental may be…)  I have always been obsessed with claw foot bathtubs and latey I have been dreaming of the day I will have one of my own!

If this was my bathroom, I would never leave…





Is there a girl out there who doesn’t dream of owning a claw foot bathtub?

Cochrane Design: Grey, Black & White

I have always been a sucker for greys, neutrals and any kind of muted or understated design.  Recently, I stumbled upon this gorgeous London home that just took my breath away.  I love everything about this design scheme – its calm and warm, yet dramatic and interesting.    I obviously love the grey, black and white theme, but I also really like the unexpected dark blue study as well!

…Oh and “Jack’s Room” is just too good! LOVE IT!











contactcochrane   substantial-big-13cochrane


Source: Cochrane Design

Balmain Paris

I have always been a huge fan of Balmain, but after seeing these beautiful images of the interior of their Paris store, I am truly obsessed.   I love the  extravagant details and elongated lines in each and every corner of their shop.  The whole concept is minimal and classic, while perfectly luxurious.

Images via

My favorite things…

There are a few things that I always tend to gravitate towards when it comes to interior design. First and foremost, I love pale grey paint.  I love it on walls, I love it on ceilings, I love it just about anywhere.  Another thing I can’t live without is dark hardwood floors (especially when paired with paint of my favorite greyish hue!)  Finally, I like things clean, simple and somewhat minimal.

This room wraps up all my favorite things in one big bow.