Quebec Ice Hotel

The 2012 annual Quebec Ice Hotel is making it’s debut this week.  It is made of more than 500 tons of ice and 15,000 tons of snow.   Over 50 workers and artists spend approximately six weeks creating this 36 room hotel.  Here are some incredible images from last year’s hotel…I can’t wait to see what they come up with this year!

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The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to the Catwalk

While in Dallas last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Dallas Museum of Art to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. This fashion exhibit was one of the most inspiring collections of art that I have seen in person in quite a while. As you enter, you will quickly notice that the mannequins have digital, screened faces that talk quietly in French or sing in unison with the mannequin beside it.  As you move throughout the exhibit, you will see JPG himself having a conversation with his own reflection.  It is both realistic and eerie.  In another room there are mannequins moving along a conveyor belt to portray a runway.  Aside from the exceptional presentation, JPG’s collection is breath-taking.  Overall, this exhibit is a MUST-SEE!

Here are some highlights:

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Post-Thanksgiving Dream Vacation: The Greenbrier

I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  However, sometimes after all of the activity of going on vacation, I feel like I need another vacation.  After dining on boatloads of cranberries, potatoes, turkey, and pie I would love to escape to a spa for some true R & R.  The Greenbrier in West Virginia would be my dream vacation right about now…

interior design

color theory complimentary colors

winding staircase old fashion elegance

green hallway

yellow and green interior design formal living room

trimwork moulding

historic ballroom wedding venue

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Photos are by Gemma & Andrew Ingalls, courtesy of This is Glamorous

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Home of the Week – What’s on the Market?

There are so many selling points for this property that I don’t even know where to begin.  I guess I’ll start with a little background on the Yellowstone Club.  Located in Big Sky, Montana, YC is the world’s only private ski and golf resort.  Every inch of this club is in pristine condition with every amenity you could possibly imagine.  The staff is incredibly kind and attentive and the members are down to earth and laid back, which creates a real sense of community.  In addition, because this is a private ski resort, you will never wait in line at a chair lift.

This property is designed by Reid Smith Architects and inspired by the French country mountain homes found in the Alps. It is a technologically advanced ‘smart home,’ with two specialized air purification systems, humidification and heat recovery ventilation systems, which ensure a completely allergy-free atmosphere and an easy adjustment to the altitude change. It has a stadium seating home theater, a massive children’s playroom and a temperature controlled wine cellar. Another special quality is the unique powder room boasting Rojo Alicante marble. 

Visit the Yellowstone Club website for more information on this property.

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yellowstone club

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treehouse bathroom

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game room inspiration kid's room basement

Michael Kors on Singita

As if I needed another reason to love Michael Kors, this week I discovered that his new Spring 2012 collection was inspired by Singita Lebombo Lodge in Kruger National Park, South Africa.  This is very special to me, because just over two years ago, I spent my honeymoon at Singita.  Singita’s South African Game Reserves are comprised of five lodges: Ebony, Boulders (were I stayed,) Castleton, Lebombo (where Kors stayed) and Sweni. They are located in the Sabi Sand Reserves and Kruger National Park, which is known for its beauty and the likelihood of spotting the ‘Big 5.’  I must say that my experience with Singita was beyond all expectations.  I cannot emphasize enough how life-changing my safari experience truly was.  We were lucky enough to spot the big 5 plus so much more.

MK described Singita as “his favorite escape in the world,” which I can completely agree with. He stayed at Lebombo three times and then translated his experience through his work. Just viewing the rich colors of his collection gave me flashbacks to such an incredible time in my life. Kors describes his collection as “Afri-luxe” and a “rustic modernism of Lebombo Lodge.”

First, Here are some images of Michael Kors Spring 2012 Collection:



His inspiration



 I took over 800 pictures on my honeymoon, but here are a couple of our suite and a few other faves.




The Harvard Connection

This Fall, my husband enrolled at Harvard Business School.  As the summer winded down and the beginning of the school-year approached, we made the ultimate “sacrifice” and moved out of our Back Bay apartment and into a Cambridge townhouse closer to HBS.  I was nervous (to say the least!) about moving out of our familiar neighborhood and into what felt like a foreign country. After living in Boston for almost eight years, I had only ventured into Cambridge four or five times, which were primarily for Harvard Football games…afterall, we did live four whole miles away!  It has been about six weeks since our move and I must say, I have fallen head over heels in love with my new zip code.

First and foremost, Harvard Business School is an architectural masterpiece.  The interiors, exteriors, and landscape are perfection.


The breath-taking interiors


The infamous Harvard Yard and some shots of Harvard Square


 Harvard Square – just a two-minute walk away – is lively, energetic, young and vibrant.  It is filled with a vast selection of fabulous restaurants and trendy clothing boutiques.  Here are some of my favorite local restaurants.

Harvest – 44 Brattle Street, Harvard Square.  An elegant restaurant serving traditional New England cuisine.  A quintessential Harvard Square classic!


Tory Row – 3 Brattle Street, Harvard Square.  The latest venture by restauranteurs Matthew Curtis and Christopher A. Lutes features an eclectic menu with items ranging from curry apricot cheese spread to grilled hanger steak.  The interior is minimalistic with a hip vibe.


Russell House Tavern – 14 JFK Street, Harvard Square.  A two-level gastropub serving mid-priced American classics.  It’s a great spot to dine as well as to mingle with friends over cocktails, beer or wine. My personal favorite!


Henrietta’s Table – One Bennett Street, Harvard Square.  American, organic cuisine with locally grown ingredients. Henrietta’s Kitchen is quaint, comfortable and has delicious food.


My view of the Charles River and HBS from my apartment – It would be hard not to fall in love with a view like this.

….Last, but not least, a few links to my favorite retailers in Harvard Square

The Andover Shop – Cashmere, Bowties and Tweed.  A VERY charming men’s boutique.

Mint Julep – Trendy women’s clothing.

Lush – Handmade soaps, lotions, scrubs, cosmetics…basically, it’s a product-junkies dream.

Monella – Trendy and chic women’s apparel.

The Tannery – Hotspot for men’s and women’s designer clothing, shoes and outerwear.

Tess – European Fashion.