Shelf Styling and Painting

Now that we are losing our playroom in the renovation we will be relocating this space to what is currently my husbands study, it’s more of a leftover space where we have hand me down furniture, a small television, all his books (and some of mine… like The Twilight series, etc;) as well as his massive record collection that sits and collects dust and takes up A LOT of space.  One aspect of this room that I love is the wall of fantastic built-in shelves.  To spruce things up in this room before officially making it the playroom I’m thinking it needs a nice shelf re-styling as well as painting the back shelf wall to bring some color into the room (which is currently all white).   I love blue and since it will be a playroom for boys I think it’s a fitting color, so I’m trying to decide between something soft like a light blue or a more bold navy tone.

Here are some beautiful styled shelves with back wall paint that I’m inspired by:


This is the image that initially inspired me.  A good friend from college had shelves put in to her Darien home recently and decided to brighten up the space with Benjamin Moore’s Summer Sun Pink.  I think she did a fantastic job and the room looks great!

style-guide-At-home-with-power-couple-Ali-Wentworth- and-George- Stephanopoulos-ED0509-1

I’ve always loved Ali Wentworth’s home (I’ve always loved Ali Wentworth!) especially her living room and they way her shelves are styled so nicely.



Above are two examples of shelves with navy back wall paint, I think the contrast of the navy really brings out the shelves and their contents.  It’s a nice way to add a dark color to a room without it being too overwhelming.



I’m very much so drawn to these light blue colors, they are soft and inviting and I’ve always wanted a reason to paint something in farrow and balls light blue No. 22.

Not sure which way I will go here, need to put a few paint samples up in the room to see which looks best.  Will keep you posted!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!