Gold Wheat Sheaf Table

The Gold Wheat Sheaf Table was made famous by none other than Coco Chanel. She used wheat motifs throughout her 31 Rue Cambon apartment, including tables just these.  I just love the vintage glamorous feeling of this look.

Take a look at Lauren Gold’s apartment to see a beautiful gold wheat table used in her dining room.

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Sources: 1st Dibs & Photobucket


Lauren Gold’s Chicago Apartment

Today, I would like to share some photos I found in Lonny Magazine that were taken of the Chicago apartment of Lauren Gold, design director for Nate Berkus Associates.  I love the style of her home because it combines such a thoughtful mix of texture, art, color and old & new pieces.  There seems to be a more glamorous and fabulous surprise around every corner.

I absolutely love this gold wheat table paired with Louis XVI dining chairs upholstered in black leather.

Her home office is so inspiring.  I love the rich turquoise walls paired with a zebra rug.

The bathroom is a perfect spot for a gallery wall and


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Source: Lonny Magazine

Happy Friday!

The weekend is finally here and it feels surprisingly spring-like outside. Friday could not have come soon enough this week.  I am ready to do a little celebrating!

grey and pink
fluourescent pink
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Wallpaper: Round 2

The intention of my blog post on Monday was to talk about all of the great varieties of lovely wallpaper out there on the market, but I got so carried away talking about Princes & Crows, that I completely went off on a tangent.  That being said, today, I would love to share some of my favorite wallpapered rooms.

…starting with this beautiful, cozy country kitchenette.  Not only do I love this wallpaper, but I am dying to own that chair at the head of the table.

The large patterns in these next two images are gorgeous and timeless.

I would love this paper for my husbands office.  Redcoats on race houses = So manly!

The dark painted ceiling of this room is a beautiful complement to this gorgeous geometric wallpaper

gorgeous neutrals are so timelss….this style will be around forever.

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Are you looking for a way to liven up your wardrobe….Well, adding a pop of neon will do just that.  I am always drawn to neutrals, but for some crazy reason, I cannot resist these blindingly bright neon colors popping up all over the place.

chanel fashion couture fluorescent

I am currently obsessed with this little Gaimbattista Valli number

And these amazing accessories (click the image for the link.)

neon accessories fashion  emilio pucci clutch python shoulder bag neon fluorescent

O.M.G and these shoes… I want every.last.pair.

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Navy is the new Neutral

I am convinced of it, when it comes to interior design, navy is the new neutral.  It matches everything and looks great as an accent or a feature.  It is easy, non-offensive and completely timeless.

ombre curtains drapes

blue interiors

I love this navy velvet sofa from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Maybe paired with a set of these brass finish chairs and a gold end table

gold end table

I love this area rug from Calypso Home and if this were my home, I would add a couple bright accent pillows from Coco Cozy.

lattice work pattern

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Princes & Crows

Lately, I am obsessed with beautiful, vintage-inspired wallpaper.  I almost feel that a wall without paper is just too plain to hold a place in my heart.  I really love the French company Princes & Crows, created by the lovely Parisian artist Alix Soubiran.  Her designs are amazing, especially her children’s line, but let’s start with what she has for your main residence.

I love this wallpapered ceiling coupled with this Venetian plaster wall finishing (which is another signature service by Princes & Crows…she also does marble, wood and wax texture.)

princes and crows wallpaper

I am dying to see an entire room papered in Havana Affair (left.) Josephine Grey (center) works beautifully in a children’s room or any other room in your home. Santy Ano Blue is featured on the ceiling above as well as sampled below (right.)


Her children’s collection is based on the childhood classic “The Little Prince.”

This one is my absolute favorite and almost reminds me of another one of my favorites: de Gournay

 the little prince the little prince

Alix even creates the most beautiful murals.  This tented drapery look has a very French Neoclassical Directoire look to it.

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